Welcome to my New Website!

Debbys Departures Tea

I say “Sweet Travels!” at the end of all my blogs because of learning the phrase “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” when I was in Turkey in 2004. That phrase taught me how to pronounce “thank you” in Turkish, teşekkür ederim. I really liked the phrase “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” when I first heard it – I thought it sounded sweet.

Debbys Departures Tea

Tea seems to be a universal drink. Many countries have their own version of tea, and have special rituals surrounding tea. Usually when one visits a home, tea is offered to drink. People get together over drinking tea. Tea is often sweetened with sugar. And it has always been my dream to travel. From all this, I transformed “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” into “Sweet Travels!” to sum up the universality of travel, the sweetness of dreams, and to say Thank You to all my readers.

Debbys Departures Tea

After over 8 years, and more that 260 blogs on Wanderlust and Lipstick, I am now departing on new adventures – this new website! I have traveled to at least 35 countries since 2002. I have walked, trekked, hiked, and backpacked well over 1,000 miles. And I have created stories with information and pictures on my travels. All my previous blogs are on this new website, and I will continue to write about my travels here.

Debbys Departures Tea

Some of my upcoming blogs include beaches along the Olympic Coast in Washington, completing my bucket list of visiting all lighthouses in the state of Washington, and some lighthouses in the state of Michigan.

Debbys Departures Tea

Welcome, Thank You, please pour yourself some tea, and
Sweet Travels!

Cappadocia, Turkey: Land of the Beautiful Horses

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  1. Congratulations on your new website. I am looking forward to exploring all of your travels and to travel vicariously through you! I am curious though to know what has been your favorite so far?

    • Thanks for your curiosity, Vicki! And for looking forward to my travels. Hmmmm…my favorite…well, top 3 are: Bhutan, Ile d’Orleans, and Camino de Santiago walk.

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