Visions of Vietnam: Inspirational Working Women

In preparing to write my “Visions of Vietnam” blogs, I sat down with my photo albums and looked through my pictures. I began to write down a list of the photos, and then categorized them into blog ideas. You may have already read my three blogs on the category of children, and last week’s blog on the topic of smiling women. Most likely there will be more blogs on these subjects.

I was amazed, though, at how many pictures I put under the category of “women doing things.” And the list kept growing as I looked through my albums several times. I felt very empowered how women all over the world are talented, hard-working, and take pride in their accomplishments.

Woman Cutting Rice Vietnam

This very physically strong woman is cutting rice in a rice field. As she bent over to efficiently cut the rice, she kept cutting bunch after bunch after bunch with amazing ease and grace.

Debby Cutting Rice Vietnam

I tried my best to cut some rice, but definitely with not the success as the Vietnamese woman.

Woman TerraCotta Vietnam

This woman’s talent and enjoyment can be seen in her terracotta figure making. I watched this woman create this cute little elf with her artistic hands.

Basket Weaving Woman Vietnam

This woman’s hands were busily weaving a basket out of water hyacinth. I asked her if her baskets were for sale, as I was considering buying one. They were for sale, but only for export to other countries, selling for several hundred dollars.

All these women are quite inspirational!

Sweet (and inspirational) Travels!

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