Visions of Vietnam: Flower H’mong Mothers and Babies

Flower Hmong Mom Baby 1

Even the name Flower H’mong suggests nothing but color. One of the 54 ethnic groups of Vietnam, the Flower H’mong are so-named because of their vivid, intricate, multi-colored embroidery, called pa ndau, which literally means “flower cloth.” This needlework, with its motifs that are geometric, symmetric, and derived from nature, decorates their clothes, and certainly makes for some fabulous fashion.

Flower Hmong Mom Baby 2

Pa ndau is a highly prized traditional art of these people. Passed down from grandmother to mother to daughter, pa ndau originated with ceremonial clothing for major life events including births, weddings, deaths, and for celebrating Tet, the New Year Festival.

Flower Hmong Mom Baby 4

Flower Cloth is also used on common items like carriers that strap babies to a mother’s back.

Flower Hmong Mom Baby 5

Flower Hmong Mom Baby 7

As I walked through the Coc Ly Market in the Sapa region of northern Vietnam, where the Flower H’mong shop for just about everything, including food, household items, material and yarn, there was definitely color all over the place.

Flower Hmong Mom Baby 3

Perhaps I should have written this blog last month, so Happy Belated Mother’s Day!

Flower Hmong Mom Baby 6

Sweet (and colorful) Travels!

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  1. Amazing pics!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! And of course I love all the babes on their backs. Life goes on as usual, with baby on back! 🙂

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