Timeless Messages in Alaska: Peace and Love

Somewhere along the road between Anchorage and Denali (or between Denali and Anchorage if you are headed in that direction), along George Parks Highway #3, the 60’s and 70’s still exist. At least a Volkswagen bus, seemingly from that era, still exists.

Decorated with colorful flowers and hearts, and big yellow smiley faces, you can’t help but spot this vehicle as you drive by. The background is painted purple, the tires have blue hubcaps, the windows have orange curtains. The bus is just sitting there on a gravel parking lot in front of an old building, strategically placed for all to see.

peace (400 x 236)

You also really can’t help but smile when you see this piece of history. In fact, it is so compelling, that you really have to stop and take a picture or two.

Because more than the visual appeal, the VW bus presents a message. You don’t have to think too deeply about the meaning of what is written. You just have to read two simple words, and instantly you are reminded of the two most important concepts of life…peace and love.

love (400 x 219)

As I was sitting there contemplating the words on the sides of the bus, a few additional significant thoughts came to mind as well…happiness…compassion…understanding…

So next time you are driving down a road, whether traveling or not, keep your eye out for life reminders like this. And just because the vehicle of the messages may have been from over 40 year ago, the messages are timeless.

Peaceful and Loving (and Sweet) Travels!

Photos by Debby

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