My Three Button Bouquets

Button Bouquet Pink Red Purple

“Purple and pink and red.” That is what my 4 year-old niece replied when I asked her what her three favorite colors were. “Why?” she asked. “Because I’m going to make you a surprise,” I replied. That conversation occurred during one of my visits with my niece, and by the time I saw her on my next visit, I made her a button bouquet using her three favorite colors.

Button Bouquet Purple Pink Red

One day, I got the whim to try to make a few button bouquets because I had so much fun making “My International Brooch Bouquet” for our wedding that I wanted to try something else – using buttons instead of brooches. Now, I’m not getting married again, so there really was no reason such as that to make them. Mainly, I just felt like taping into my creative side, and into my “inner artist.”

Button Bouquet Purple Pink Red Hearts

I used a variety of mostly heart-shaped buttons, and a few flower-shaped buttons, to make this special bouquet for my niece. I even used purple and pink and red ribbon on the stem.

Button Bouquet Black and White

The first button bouquet that I actually made before this one for my niece was a black and white one, which included a boutineer. I enhanced this bouquet with yellow sunflower buttons and several heart-shaped buttons.

Button Bouquet Black and White Sunflowers Hearts

Button Bouquet Black and White with Boutineer

The final button bouquet I created was based the colors of my room growing up as a child, yellow and orange, and added red to complete the first three colors of the rainbow. I wanted to make something that used really bright and fun colors. This bouquet was made with mostly round buttons, but I also added some flower-shaped buttons. And I made a boutineer to match.

Button Bouquet Red Yellow Orange

Button Bouquet Orange Yellow Red

Button Bouquet Yellow Red Orange

Button Bouquet Red Orange Yellow

Button Bouquet Orange Red Yellow

Button Bouquet Yellow Orange Red

“Thank you, Auntie Debby. I love it,” my niece replied when I gave her her surprise.

Button Bouquet Red Pink Purple

Sweet Travels!

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  1. So cute! Love it! Actually her favorite color is purple. And Momma’s is red and pink. She combined all 3 to say her favorite. So sweet.

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