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Debbys Departures Tea

I say “Sweet Travels!” at the end of all my blogs because of learning the phrase “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” when I was in Turkey in 2004. That phrase taught me how to pronounce “thank you” in Turkish, teşekkür ederim. I really liked the phrase “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” when I first heard it – I thought it sounded sweet. Tea seems to be a universal drink. Many countries have their own version of tea, and have special rituals surrounding tea. Usually when one visits a home, tea is offered to drink. People get together over drinking tea. Tea is Continue Reading →

Cappadocia, Turkey: Land of the Beautiful Horses

Deep in the middle of the country of Turkey, a 14-hour bus ride from Istanbul, exists a landscape unlike any other. Strangely unique and bizarrely beautiful. A consequence of a volcanic eruption from three to nine million years ago, along with erosion over tens of thousands of years. Resulting in pillar and minaret-like formations. A landscape unlike any other. It is an area known as Cappadocia, the translation of which is “Land of the Beautiful Horses.” I spent two days exploring there. I was in awe at rock formations called Fairy Chimneys; at the geology of basalt and a variety Continue Reading →

Excerpts from Europe: “A Bus Station in Turkey”

This blog won’t have any pictures taken by me. Not because I couldn’t take them. But because I didn’t want to take them. I wanted to witness what I was seeing through my own eyes, not through the lens of a camera. I also wanted to respect what was happening. I was on an overnight bus ride from Cappadocia, Turkey to Istanbul. At a bus station, I do not know exactly where, I saw this from the window of the bus… Friday, May 21, 2004 I boarded another one of those very fancy, luxury Mercedes buses in Cappadocia for my Continue Reading →

“Junk” Jewelry from my Travels

I’m not quite sure how this collection began. I’m not quite sure why it began. I’m not quite sure when and where it began. But somehow during my travels, I started to collect what I call “junk” jewelry. Actually, maybe it began because I wanted some small souvenirs from my travels that would fit in my backpack, without taking up a lot of space or weighing much. And, well, this stuff didn’t even need to fit in my backpack; instead I just wore it on a finger, a wrist, or around my neck. Since I started this collection, I haven’t Continue Reading →

Little Artists in Europe

The Louvre; The National Gallery; The British Museum. Renaissance; Baroque; Impressionism. Michelangelo; Rembrandt; Monet. During my travels, I usually go to the large art museums to see paintings, sculptures and other art forms that have survived over the centuries. My experiences in these museums have included the infamous artists and major art movements that have shaped the history of art. Over the years, I have really come to appreciate the various art forms, artists, and art movements. But somehow in my travels, I happen to stumble upon art that is not made by the infamous artists, nor the typical art Continue Reading →