Lightship Swiftsure – A Floating Lighthouse

Lightship Swiftsure

When we think of lighthouses, we usually picture tall towers and keeper’s quarters, bright beaming lights and loud foghorns, placed on the edges of land or on islands. However, did you know that there were these aids to navigation that were actually floating? These “floating lighthouses” were just as powerful, and used to be just as important, as their sisters on land. The bright beaming lights and loud foghorns were located on ships that were anchored offshore, floating in the seas, in places where building regular lighthouses were impossible or impractical. Known as “lightvessels” and “lightships,” they performed just like Continue Reading →

Lighthouses Visited from the Schooner Zodiac

Patos Island Lighthouse

Considering myself a pharologist, one who has a strong interest in lighthouses, I was thrilled when I was able to see eight lighthouses while sailing with the Schooner Zodiac on their four-day Spring Lighthouse Tour around the San Juan Islands in Washington State back in April. Here are some of my favorite pictures of six of these lighthouses taken during this exciting adventure. Patos Island Lighthouse (above). New Dungeness Lighthouse: Lime Kiln Lighthouse: Point Wilson Lighthouse: Burrows Island Lighthouse: Turn Point Lighthouse: You may read more about my exciting sailing adventures with the Schooner Zodiac on my previous three blogs: Sailing with Continue Reading →

Kayaking, a Cat, and a Few Other Random Schooner Zodiac Photos

Schooner Zodiac Kayak

Not only did I get to see eight lighthouses in the San Juan Islands of Washington State from the point of view of the seas, and not only did I learn some sailing skills that I did not have before, I also had a chance for a brief kayak one evening just before the sunset hours during the Schooner Zodiac’s four-day Spring Lighthouse Tour. We were anchored in the very still waters of Hughes Bay at Lopez Island, so my husband and I put on life jackets and went kayaking around the peaceful bay. These are a few photos I took of Continue Reading →

Learning Some Sailing Skills Aboard The Schooner Zodiac

Schooner Zodiac

From someone who tried to take a sailing class back in college, but did not succeed at it, I must say that in four days’ time aboard the Schooner Zodiac, I learned more about sailing and navigation and ships and weather from the perspective of the seas than I personally ever have in my life. I think my favorite part about it all was seeing the majestic white sails of the Schooner Zodiac breathing in the wind against the baby blue skies, that I helped hoist. When the calls “all hands on deck” and “prepare to make sail” were issued, Continue Reading →

Sailing with the Schooner Zodiac and their Spring Lighthouse Tour

Burrows Island Lighthouse Schooner Zodiac

I have a strong fascination for lighthouses and the people that cared for them, with their unique and romantic, sometimes tragic, lifestyle and history. In fact, not only did my husband and I get married at a lighthouse, but we recently completed my Bucket List item of touring all the lighthouses in the State of Washington that you can visit. However, it wasn’t until just recently, that I had the opportunity to see some of these scenic lighthouses from the point of view of the sea, and from the perspective of the sailors who had relied upon, and continue to Continue Reading →