My International Brooch Bouquet

Last year for our wedding, I. Made. This. Brooch. Bouquet! It has an international flair. It has contributions from family and friends. It has my favorite flower, the sunflower. It has pieces representing important parts of our lives. It has symbols of love.   I came up with the concept of creating my own brooch bouquet when I was originally searching online on how to make my own flower bouquet. I came across a website that listed alternatives to the traditional flower bouquet, so my curiosity took me there. Especially because I was not doing everything traditional in our wedding Continue Reading →

Walking Ten Miles Round Trip to the New Dungeness Lighthouse

Several years before we got married, my husband and I went on a car camping trip to Dungeness Spit, located on the Olympic Peninsula in Sequim, Washington. The purpose of this trip was to walk the 5 miles to the New Dungeness Lighthouse located near the end of Dungeness Spit. And walk the 5 miles back to the campground! I loved being able to walk for miles and miles and miles on a beach, hearing the waves and birds, feeling like I was out in the middle of nowhere. Now this would have made another beautiful location for our wedding, Continue Reading →

West Point Lighthouse at Discovery Park in Seattle (and almost a Wedding)

On a clear day, while standing at the sandy and rocky tip near the West Point Lighthouse, you can amazingly see three of Washington State’s major mountains and ranges at one time – Mt. Baker to the north, the Olympic Mountains to the west, and Mt. Rainier to the south. With beautiful views like this, it one of my favorite places on this planet.   Located below Magnolia Bluff at Discovery Park in Seattle, next to the waters of Puget Sound, with beaches on either side of the lighthouse, and hiking in the bluffs above, this would have been a Continue Reading →

The Mukilteo Lighthouse near Seattle (and a Wedding)

“A journey is like marriage. The certain way to be wrong is to think you can control it.” John Steinbeck. I love lighthouses. I am completely fascinated by them. So much so that I visit as many of them as I can when I travel, I write blogs about them, AND I got married at one last summer! The Mukilteo Lighthouse was the location of our grand event. Located about 30 minutes north of Seattle, Washington, next to the ferry landing in Mukilteo, our wedding day was warm and sunny, with a slight breeze. With the background of not only Continue Reading →