Bhutan: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I miss Bhutan. I think about the country nearly everyday. Sure I’ve been writing blogs since my return from my travels there (October 2011), which obviously makes me think about the country. But I think about Bhutan more than just for writing my blogs. I think about it on a deeper level. And I miss the country. What I miss most are the people. Everyone I met was extremely gracious, friendly, and genuine. I feel like I have made some life-long friends. I spent the most time with my guides, three of them, all fantastic leaders, answering my questions and Continue Reading →

Dancing and Singing for the King and Queen of Bhutan

I experienced something unique when I was in Bhutan. In fact I believe that I was the only non-Bhutanese to watch this amazing event. It was not in my guide book, let alone my itinerary, and I didn’t even know I was going to be seeing this until about 15 minutes before. It was a warm day out, the sun was shining, and the air was fresh. Originally I thought that that morning I would be walking around the streets of Paro, shopping, and people-watching until my afternoon activities. My guide picked me up at my hotel, right on time, Continue Reading →

Bhutan: The King, The Queen, and I

“Where are you from?” He asked. “The United States.” We answered. “What part?” He asked. “Seattle and Michigan.” We answered. “Are you enjoying Bhutan?” He asked. “Very much!” We answered. “Good. Good.” He said. “Tashi Delek.” We wished. (For blessings and good luck.) “Thank you very much.” She replied. “It’s an honor to meet you.” I said. Then I cried. This was the 30-second conversation I (and two other women I was traveling with, Beth and Sarah) had with His Majesty the Fifth King of Bhutan Jigme Khesar Namgyal Wangchuck, and his beautiful new bride, Her Majesty the Queen of Continue Reading →

The Beginnings of Bhutan

This blog isn’t about the beginnings of the country of Bhutan itself. Rather it is about the beginnings of my own journey of making my decision to travel to Bhutan. Although, the beginnings of the country of Bhutan itself are actually quite interesting, so I’ll throw in a few sentences about that. (It really would require another blog for all the details.)…The early history involves semi-nomadic herdsman. People of the Bon and Buddhist religions. Periods of turmoil and instability; and periods of victory and peace. Several key figures that changed the course of Bhutan’s history. Isolated from the outside world Continue Reading →