Cioccolato, Chocolat, Schokolade of Europe

I’m a chocoholic. I’ll admit it. If I could eat chocolate with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I would. I’ve loved chocolate for as long as I can remember. Italian and Greek chocolates These days, I actually prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate. Tastes better to me, and apparently has some health benefits. Strangely, though, I’m not a fan of white chocolate. Icelandic and New Zealand chocolates I like certain combinations of chocolate…chocolate with banana, chocolate with raspberry. My ultimate favorite combo is chocolate with peanut butter! Finnish and Latvian chocolates Not only do I indulge in chocolate regularly at home, Continue Reading →

Santorini, Greece: Destination by Sunset (Part Four)

I finally made it to the end of the town of Oia on the island of Santorini, where if I wanted to walk much further, I would have needed to learn how to walk on water, as I was overlooking the vast blue seas to the east. scenes on my way to Oia From the end of Oia, I was able to turn around and look back to see where I had been during my daylong journey through one of my favorite places that I have ever traveled to. I was able to see my starting point, the town of Continue Reading →

Santorini, Greece: Destination by Sunset (Part Three)

As I approached the middle of my journey on the island of Santorini, with the glorious 80 degree weather still apparent; still outfitted with a hat, sunscreen, and sunglasses; still carrying a water bottle that had been refilled several times, although the snacks that I had were gone; my camera fortunately still working; and although my supply of film was dwindling, I still had plenty left, I found myself on what I called the “summits of Santorini.” Two hills, strewn with wildflowers and spectacular views. I felt like this was the “hiking” part of my walk as not only did Continue Reading →

Santorini, Greece Destination by Sunset (Part Two)

I continued my journey on the island of Santorini, still experiencing the glorious 80 degree weather, and still armed with a hat, sunscreen, sunglasses, an almost-empty water bottle, half-eaten snacks, my camera, and fortunately plenty of film still left (although lots of photos had already been taken). As I walked, not only did the churches of Santorini catch my eye (see my blog, part one), but I also noticed the layout, namely the way that the buildings and streets were arranged, of the hillside towns that I was walking through between Fira and Oia. This arrangement made it easy and Continue Reading →

Santorini, Greece: Destination by Sunset (Part One)

At 700 feet above sea level, and temperatures around a glorious 80 degrees, with a hat on my head and sunscreen on my skin, I set out for my day’s journey. Armed with a water bottle in one hand, and a camera in the other, I had a snack and sunglasses in my pocket, and extra film ready to be used at a moment’s notice. I knew that the shoes on my feet would let me walk on the variety of terrain that I would be encountering. My goal was to get to my destination by sunset! Well, ok, this Continue Reading →