Excerpts from Europe: “The Blue Dragonflies of Krka National Park” in Croatia

After my beautiful, yet rainy, day at Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia, I felt like I wanted another day with nature. So I ventured to another National Park, Krka. Whereas in Plitvice, I was serenaded by sounds of frogs, at Krka, I was taken with the brilliance of the blue dragonflies. Wednesday, June 9, 2004: Today started out at the Croatian house in Sibenik that I was staying in, where the owner made me breakfast. Coffee and pancakes. I can’t remember the Croatian word for the pancake, but she told me she made them out of water, milk, and Continue Reading →

Excerpts from Europe: “Plitvice Lakes” in Croatia

Countless waterfalls that inter-connect 16 colorful lakes, all surrounded by lush forest, and unique flora and fauna. A place like no other on this planet. This is Plitvice Lakes National Park in Croatia. Five miles of trails and wooden paths took me and my friend Susan on a day-long journey with nature. Saturday, June 5, 2004: We awoke this morning about 8:30, after a good night’s sleep in the zimmer, a private room in someone’s home, in Grabovac, Croatia, a town just outside of Plitvice Lakes National Park. The zimmer was right across the street from where the bus dropped Continue Reading →

Harry Potter in Europe: It Isn’t Just for Kids

It’s not. It’s not. It’s not. Kids aren’t the only Harry Potter fans around. Some of us adults are fans, too. Nearly five years ago, when I was on my five-month solo European journey, I experienced the same construction work going on at the railway station. I was also redirected to not the logical place that Platform 9¾ should have been located. But it didn’t matter where it was, really. The point was that I, an adult Harry Potter fan, went to the place where the children of the wizardry world, especially Harry himself, and his friends Hermione and Ron, Continue Reading →