Valentine’s Day: Random Love

Ah, yes, Love, Sweet Love. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? Love Me Tender. Endless Love. Love Will Keep Us Together. All You Need Is Love. Ok, ok, you get the picture. It must be Valentine’s Day. I once had a random unexpected experience of love. It was during a walk on the beach at Homer Spit, Alaska, this past summer. As I was enjoying the gorgeous scenery during my stroll, I would occasionally look down at the rocks on the beach. I wanted to collect a few rocks (ssshhh, don’t Continue Reading →

The Iconic Mailbox in Alaska

Over nine decades ago, a recognizable container with a curved tunnel-shaped top, a tube-like interior, a movable signal flag, and a latching door was invented. Now everybody across the country uses this contraption, or some other form of it, such as a slot through a door, or a wall-mounted box attached to a house, or a cluster of boxes in one centralized location. I’m talking about the much-valued mailbox. And while the exterior shape of it is meant to prevent the collection of water and snow, the interior shape is meant to collect incoming mail. And when that signal flag Continue Reading →

Timeless Messages in Alaska: Peace and Love

Somewhere along the road between Anchorage and Denali (or between Denali and Anchorage if you are headed in that direction), along George Parks Highway #3, the 60’s and 70’s still exist. At least a Volkswagen bus, seemingly from that era, still exists. Decorated with colorful flowers and hearts, and big yellow smiley faces, you can’t help but spot this vehicle as you drive by. The background is painted purple, the tires have blue hubcaps, the windows have orange curtains. The bus is just sitting there on a gravel parking lot in front of an old building, strategically placed for all Continue Reading →

From Denali National Park to Mount Rainier (Alaska to Washington)

No, I’m not a mountain climber. Although I have taken a climbing class, but put a rope on me with some possibility of slipping, and forget it. I do, however, love to hike. Give me a trail on a warm, sunny summer day, with wildflowers and trees and mountains as my scenery, and I’m in heaven. Add in my boyfriend, some berries to pick and eat along the way, the spotting a critter of some sort, and you have described one of my perfect days. Oh, and if there happens to be a lake or a stream, now you’re talking! Continue Reading →

Alaska: The World’s Friendliest Garage Sale

Occasionally I have been known to stop by garage sales to see if there is something I would like to buy. Sometimes I am looking for something specific. Other times, I am just window-shopping. The thing about garage sales, as they say, is “one man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” You never know what you might find. During all my travels, though, I have never really thought to stop at a garage sale. Not sure why. Probably most likely because I’m not sure if other countries do this seemingly American tradition. Maybe other countries just don’t have garages. Or maybe Continue Reading →