Souvenirs of the Camino de Santiago

Camino de Santiago Souvenirs Scallop Shell Rose

I enjoy buying little trinkets when I travel. Small enough to fit in a backpack, without adding a lot of weight. Even when I used mochila transport services on the Camino de Santiago. These small chachkies are great ways for me to keep the memories alive as I display them around my house.

Camino de Santiago Souvenirs Scallop Shell Beads

On the Camino de Santiago, the scallop shell is a significant symbol. They say that the contours and features of the scallop shell represent the converging of people from all over the world, bound for a common destination, the cathedral in Santiago de Compostela. Used as one of the directional symbols to aid in navigation, people also wear the scallop shell, usually hanging from a backpack, to symbolize that we are pilgrims.

These are the scallop shells that I wore on my two Camino journeys on my backpack:

Camino de Santiago Souvenirs Scallop Shells Pilgrim

In the two pictures at the beginning of this blog, I was quite pleased when I found decorative scallop shells. One painted with beautiful roses, and one in a necklace with beautiful beadwork. I also bought a few bracelets with tiny scallop shells charms:

Camino de Santiago Souvenirs Scallop Shells Bracelets

A woman I met hand-makes greeting cards with the scallop shell woven in string:

Camino de Santiago Souvenirs Scallop Shell String Card

For my husband I bought a pack of cards with inspirational sayings and pictures:

Camino de Santiago Souvenirs Inspirational Cards

As part of a donation, I received this tiny rock with the yellow arrow painted on it, the other significant directional symbol of the Camino de Santiago:

Camino de Santiago Souvenirs Yellow Arrow Rock

I have all my souvenirs of the Camino de Santiago either hanging on my walls, or on shelves for display, enjoyment, and memories.

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