Valentine’s Day: Random Love

Ah, yes, Love, Sweet Love. Can You Feel The Love Tonight? Have I Told You Lately That I Love You? Love Me Tender. Endless Love. Love Will Keep Us Together. All You Need Is Love.

Ok, ok, you get the picture. It must be Valentine’s Day.

Heart Rock (450 x 338)

I once had a random unexpected experience of love. It was during a walk on the beach at Homer Spit, Alaska, this past summer.

As I was enjoying the gorgeous scenery during my stroll, I would occasionally look down at the rocks on the beach. I wanted to collect a few rocks (ssshhh, don’t tell anyone) to take back to My Love back home. He has a wonderful rock collection that was started by his grandparents as they combed beaches all over the Northern California and Oregon coasts, and I wanted to bring him back some rocks from the Alaskan coast.

Out of the thousands upon thousands of rocks on the Spit that day, I glanced down at this one particular rock…yup, it was shaped like a heart! I just had to take a photo of it. Don’t ask me why though, but I did not take this rock home with me. I now wish I had, but oh well. It is now there for someone else to randomly feel the love.

Heart Rocks (450 x 380)

I have also purchased a few polished stones shaped like hearts from various places during my travels to give to My Love, such as these.

Oh, here is one other blog that I previously wrote about hearts and Valentine’s Day, Heart Art.

Sweet Travels, and remember, Love Is All You Need!

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