Product Review: Lenmar World Travel Adapter

Lenmar World Travel Adapter

My husband and I just returned from a fabulous trip in the Cotswolds area of England. But before I get into writing about our walking through fields and flowers in bloom, farms with sheep, cows, and horses, and visiting small villages with their homes and churches built hundreds of years ago, I was kindly provided with a very useful product to test out on my travels – The World Travel Adapter from Lenmar – a convenient adapter and converter all-in-one device, for use in over 150 countries.

Meant to replace the entire kit of five adapters and converters that I have been using for years, I found that this “All-in-One International Travel Adapter” device worked great! At first I was a bit hesitant about it, really wondering if I could charge three things (yes, three things) at once, because Lenmar advertises that it is “designed to charge one iPad/tablet or two iPhones, android or other USB powered device.” But, with its three inputs – a plug and two USB ports – while I did not bring any iPads or tablets on my trip, I certainly was able to charge two android cell phones, and a camera battery, at the same time! Very, very convenient.

I will admit that the first time I tried using the device I was a little concerned actually about some of the plastic prongs that need to be pulled out of the device, hoping they would not break, as they seemed a bit fragile. In addition, at first, it was a challenge to pull the prongs out and get used to how they worked. However, after that first try, both these concerns went away. I got used to the way the prongs pulled out of the device, and I no longer felt like the plastic prongs would break. I used the World Travel Adapter daily, always charging those two cell phones and one camera battery at once!

Lenmar World Travel Adapter

What is really cool about this device is that it is both an adapter (for the right shaped plug) and a converter (for the right electricity voltage). No need to bring two items from my entire kit of adapters and converters on a trip, just the one. They have a list of over 150 countries in which it works. Note that the “list of locations and their compatible adapter plugs” that they provide has very tiny writing, but listed next to each country is a number, which corresponds to an illustration of which prongs to pull out, depending on where you are traveling. The box also has the illustrations, and summarizes which prongs to use per region of the world.

Now I will admit that I did also bring with me the adapter and converter for England from my previously-owned kit because I was afraid that if the Lenmar one did not work, then I would be out of luck. Other than one time where I needed to charge a fourth item (yes, I brought my electric toothbrush charger on this trip), my previously-owned adapter and converter sat in my bag for the rest of our travels.

What is even more, is that the Lenmar World Travel Adapter weighed a lot less (it only weighs just over 3 ounces) than the combo of my adapter and converter for England, and it was much smaller in size (it is approximately 3.5 x 2 x 1.25 inches), and thus a lot less bulky. All definitely plusses in my book, because I normally do like to travel light.

So, would I take the Lenmar World Travel Adapter on future trips? You bet! Would I leave my other adapters and converters at home? You bet!

You may purchase World Travel Adapter directly from Lenmar for $29.99. To summarize, it has “five foldable adapter plugs in one compact, lightweight unit, and two versatile 100-240V outlets compatible with any 100-240V AC powered device, for use in over 150 countries.”

As far as walking through those fields and flowers in bloom, farms with sheep, cows, and horses, and visiting small villages with their homes and churches built hundreds of years ago, please stay tuned for blogs on our trip to the Cotswolds.

Sweet Travels!

Disclosures: Lenmar sent the World Travel Adapter to me for review. I have provided some “facts in quotes,” and the opinions in this blog are my own. The two photographs are from Lenmar’s website.

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