Iceland with my Sister: Priceless (Part One)

This is part one in a series of blogs of what happens when two sisters, who are 15 years apart in age, who have never lived together, nor traveled together before as adults, meet in a far remote corner of the world to explore together. It is somewhat like a MasterCard commercial:

Me and My Sister in Iceland

Flights to Iceland: Expensive, at least for me, as my sister was already in traveling in Europe.

Car rental to get around parts of Iceland: Expensive, compared to rental car rates in the United States.

Gas for car rental: Even more that the rising gas prices of the United States. (Although that was a few years ago, so now-a-days, who knows…)

Guided tour excursions of other parts of Iceland: Expensive, but worth it because from them my sister and I learned a lot about the country, and we were able to go to places, and see things, that we could not get to with the rental car.

Hostels or guesthouses, mostly in Reykjavik: More reasonable than hotels, as my sister and I slept in a tent some of the nights.

Food in Iceland: Unbelievably expensive, but delicious.

Experiences and memories of two sisters traveling together in Iceland: Priceless…

Tents and Cars in Iceland with my Sister

For me, the journey with my youngest sister was like a MasterCard commercial. Yes, Iceland was expensive, but it was also priceless. Not only did the actual experiences my sister and I had, and the things we saw together, make the trip priceless, but it was also about spending the time with my youngest sister, bonding, getting to know each other, laughing, and having fun together. It was about seeing the expressions on my sister’s face, witnessing her reactions, hearing her comments, and being playful, curious, and adventurous together. What was also priceless was that even with our age difference and the fact that this was our first time traveling together, we got along beautifully: we had the same travel styles; we agreed on what we wanted to do and see; we even agreed on what we wanted to eat, where we wanted to sleep, and how we got to places around Iceland. We had a fabulous time together, and I would travel with her again in a heartbeat.

Playing with my Sister

The experiences and memories of traveling with my youngest sister are, for me, truly priceless!

Please read future blogs for some of the priceless experiences that my sister and I had while we were in Iceland.

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3 Replies to “Iceland with my Sister: Priceless (Part One)”

  1. Deb,

    Hey Sis! Reading your entry really flooded back the memories of our great times in Iceland….I even got a little bit choked up. It’s such a strange and beautiful country.



  2. Sis,

    Your getting a bit choked up, just got me a bit choked up, too. I enjoyed writing this blog about us, and looking at our photos again. Great memories!

    Where to next together?

    hearts back

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