Iceland with my Sister: Priceless (Part Two)

It was worth every penny: that trip that I made to Iceland with my youngest sister; the trip where, due to our 15-year age difference, we had never really had the opportunity to travel before together; the trip where we bonded, agreed, and laughed; the trip that was expensive, yet priceless!

In my travel journal, I kept a list of the activities that my sister and I did when we were in Iceland. Some of the items on the list are typical tourist activities; other items describe the Icelandic landscape; other items are just things that we experienced together, as sisters, exploring and having fun. I’d like to share some of the items on that list, in random order, along with photos for the visual impact, to get an idea of what happens when two sisters meet in a far remote corner of the world.

–Soaking and relaxing (and playing) in the heat of the sulfuric water of the Blue Lagoon geothermal spa and hot springs, only hours after my sister arrived in Iceland.

–Sitting on a black rock/sand beach overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, somewhere on the Snaefell Peninsula, as we drove ourselves around.

–Putting our feet in hot water in a cave near Lake Maavatn. (Note the feet theme.)

–Sitting in a natural hot springs river, out in the middle of vast lava fields, of black rock covered with green moss, while it was raining out, near Hjalparfoss waterfall.

–Looking at several waterfalls throughout Iceland, many with rainbows, plummeting lots of cold water from melting glaciers, and hearing my sister say how “beautiful” it was, as we walked behind one of these waterfalls.

–Riding through the countryside of shrubbery and meadows near Geysir, on Icelandic horses.

–Looking at lighthouses on the coast, small community churches, and red roofed homes on green farmland, in various areas of Iceland, including during our drive around the Snaefell Peninsula.

–Watching Arctic Tern encircling our car, almost like in a bad movie.

–Overlooking the city of Reykjavi­k, with its colorful-roofed homes, from the bell tower of Reykjavi­k Cathedral.

–Seeing a red/orange sunset over the Atlantic Ocean at 11pm at night; and waking up at 2am, while sleeping in our tents, noticing that it was still light outside.

–Blowing on dandelion flowers and making wishes.

As you can see, this trip was quite special for both of us. Stay tuned for another blog with more photos of these priceless experiences and memories.

Sweet Travels!

arctic tern photo from Wikipedia

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