Iceland with my Sister: Priceless (Part Three)

Priceless experiences and memories of a journey in Iceland with my youngest sister; this is the final blog describing some of the adventures, along with photos, of a time when two sisters, who are 15 years apart in age, who had never traveled together before as adults, met in a far remote corner of the world to explore together!

–Driving around on Snaefell Peninsula, with Snaefellsjokull, a glacier-covered mountain on one side of us, the farmland surrounding us, and the Atlantic Ocean to the other side of us.

–Seeing my sister take photos of our priceless memories.

–Saying how lucky we were that the weather we had mostly cooperated, giving us warm, sunny days.

–Piling rocks on a cairn during a walk through a volcanic landscape, to give us good luck.

–Seeing the scrunch on our faces as we got a whiff of the rotten-egg smell of the sulfur of volcanic activity, seeing the colors of an area that looks like Yellowstone, and making shadows against those colors.

–Experimenting with Icelandic food, such as lamb soup, hot spring bread with smoked trout, and salted cod. Yum!

–Standing near the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, over-looking a crack in the Earth.

–Seeing Iceland (which is more green than ice), from the air, as we took a flight from Reykjavik to Lake Maavatn.

–Looking at old Icelandic memorabilia, and old-style homes (some with grass on their roofs), at a couple of museums, including an open-air museum.

–Exploring and walking around a small crater lake at Kerio Explosion Crater.

–Seeing geysers spout warm water into the air, and then feeling the “rain” from it getting us wet.

–And finally, hearing my younger sister say, “this is wonderful. I’m so glad we did this,” with crampons on our feet and ice axes in our hands, as we walked on a huge glacier, with its white ice and black volcanic rock, surrounded by brown and grassy landscape, with the Atlantic Ocean looming in the distance. Oh, and then trying our skills at ice climbing!

–And don’t forget to look back at the first blog with a photo of two sisters playing on swings!

Sweet Travels!

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