Kayaking, a Cat, and a Few Other Random Schooner Zodiac Photos

Schooner Zodiac Kayak

Not only did I get to see eight lighthouses in the San Juan Islands of Washington State from the point of view of the seas, and not only did I learn some sailing skills that I did not have before, I also had a chance for a brief kayak one evening just before the sunset hours during the Schooner Zodiac’s four-day Spring Lighthouse Tour. We were anchored in the very still waters of Hughes Bay at Lopez Island, so my husband and I put on life jackets and went kayaking around the peaceful bay. These are a few photos I took of the Schooner Zodiac during our paddle.

Schooner Zodiac Kayak

Schooner Zodiac Kayak

For sleeping, my husband and I each had a berth (like a bunk bed) in a room that could sleep up to eight. This room was also used as a reading room, sitting room, and a dining room. There were berths in other areas of the ship, as well as private rooms.

Schooner Zodiac Interior

Schooner Zodiac Interior

This is a photo of another dining room.

Schooner Zodiac Dining

And this is the galley, where our delicious meals were prepared.

Schooner Zodiac Galley

On board the Schooner Zodiac was Abby, the resident cat, who decided she liked to sleep in my husband’s berth or against his backpack during the day. (My husband is a cat person, and loved this!)

Schooner Zodiac Cat Abby

Schooner Zodiac Cat Abby

When the Schooner Zodiac is not on one of their sails, they are docked at the Bellingham Cruise Terminal.

Schooner Zodiac Bellingham

A big thank you to the captain and the crew of the Schooner Zodiac for making my sailing experience a wonderful one!

Sweet Travels!

I was provided this excursion courtesy of Bellingham Whatcom County Tourism and the Schooner Zodiac, but all opinions are my own. For more information about sailing with the Schooner Zodiac, please visit their website, www.schoonerzodiac.com, which includes a list of all upcoming cruises from now through October, from their day sails, to their three day trips, to trips of longer durations, from the San Juan Islands to the Canadian Gulf Islands. The ship carries up to 26 passengers on overnight cruises in berths or private rooms, and up to 49 passengers on day sails.

Lighthouses Visited from the Schooner Zodiac
Learning Some Sailing Skills Aboard The Schooner Zodiac

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