Gates, Kissing Gates, and Stiles of the Cotswolds

Cotswolds Kissing Gate Green

Whenever my husband and I walked through a “kissing gate” in the Cotswolds we, well, kissed. Really. Just about every time. How romantic. Either that, or I’ve just told you too much information.

Cotswolds Kissing Gate Wooden
I actually did not really know what a kissing gate was before we went to the Cotswolds. It is a gate that, because of the way it is constructed, usually in a U or V shape, allows people to pass through, but not animals. Which is important in the Cotswolds because of all the pastures of sheep, horses, cows and even bulls that you might walk across.

Cotswolds Kissing Gate
I also didn’t know what a “stile” was before we went to the Cotswolds. And while we didn’t kiss each time we walked over a stile, stiles are a way to climb over a fence or a wall, via a single step on either side, or via a ladder, and are also meant to not allow animals through.

Cotswolds Stile

Cotswolds Steps
At least I knew what a regular gate was. One very important rule to follow is to very carefully please close all gates and kissing gates, and leave them as you found them.

Cotswolds Gate Wooden

Cotswolds Gates Double
Basically, to connect the dots between the footpaths and roads, tracks and trails and the signs and symbols, acorns and arrows, are the gates, kissing gates, and stiles of the Cotswolds.

They lead you through to villages:

Cotswolds Stile Village
Wildflower fields:

Cotswolds Gate Wildflower Fields

Cotswolds Gate Wildflowers Field
Grass, trees, and rolling hills:

Cotswolds Gate Grass Trees
Cotswolds Stile Trees Grass
Cotswolds Kissing Gate Field
Big trees:

Cotswolds Stile Big Trees
Cotswolds Gate Grass Big Trees
Pastures of sheep and horses:

Cotswolds Stile Sheep

(There is a sheep waiting on the other side of the stile in the above picture.)

Cotswolds Gate Sheep

(There are sheep in the field half way in the distance in the above picture.)

Cotswolds Kissing Gate Horses

(There are horses in the open grassy area in the above picture.)

And blooming fields of bright yellow rapeseed:

Cotswolds Gate Rapeseed Field
Gates can be opened with metal handles or chains:

Cotswolds Gate Metal Handle

Cotswolds Gate Chain
Some gates are rusty, or even old and broken:

Cotswolds Gate Rusty Metal

Cotswolds Gate Broken
Occasionally you need to pass through both a kissing gate then a regular gate:

Cotswolds Kissing Gate Second Gate
And remember to please close the gate:

Cotswolds Gate Please Close

Cotswolds Gate Please Close the Gate
Sweet Travels!

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