Galapagos Islands: More of My Favorite Photos

Galapagos Islands Fur Seals

“More, more, more,” was my sister’s comment on my blog last week. While I am hoping my sister means that she wants me to travel more, more, more, I’m sure she really meant that she wanted to see more photos of the Galapagos Islands.

Galapagos Red Footed Booby

Therefore, my sister, I’m dedicating this blog to you. Here are more, more, more photos…

Galapagos Swallow-tailed Gull

Galapagos Land Iguana

Galapagos Juvenile Waved Albatross

Galapagos Dove

Galapagos Giant Tortoise

And more, more, more…

Galapagos Sally Lightfoot Crab

Galapagos Masked Booby

Galapagos Lava Heron

Galapagos Blue Footed Booby

Oh, and thank you my sis, for all your comments on my blogs, for all your encouragement and support over the years in regards to my travels, as well as in life!

And one more…

Galapagos Vermillion Flycatcher

Sweet (and more) Travels!

Fur Seals
Red-Footed Booby
Swallow-tailed Gull
Land Iguana
Juvenile Waved Albatross
Galapagos Dove
Giant Tortoise
Sally Lightfoot Crab
Masked Booby with egg
Lava Heron
Blue-Footed Booby with egg
Vermillion Flycatcher

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Galapagos Islands: My Favorite Photos

6 Replies to “Galapagos Islands: More of My Favorite Photos”

  1. HA! LOVE IT! MORE OF EVERY THING!!!!! More happy travels, more beautiful pics, more amazing blogs teaching me about the world I haven’t seen, more visits to SF. So blessed to have my sis. Thanks for my special blog. 🙂

  2. These are wonderful pictures, thank you for posting again about your trip. I hope I can go there sometime!

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