Footpaths and Roads, Tracks and Trails of the Cotswolds

On the road again
Goin’ places that I’ve never been
Seein’ things that I may never see again
And I can’t wait to get on the road again. – Willie Nelson

Cotswolds Dirt Road Through Fields

During our 12 days walking in the Cotswolds, our feet encountered a variety of terrain to walk on, including footpaths and roads, and tracks and trails, as my husband and I traveled from town to town, village to village, church to church.

Sometimes we walked on dirt roads that were lined with green grass, trees, crops, and fields:

Cotswolds Dirt Path

Cotswolds Dirt Road

Cotswolds Dirt Road Big Tree Crops

Then there were the dirt roads and muddy footpaths colored with the bright yellow fields of rapeseed in bloom:

Cotswolds Dirt Road Rapeseed

Cotswolds Grass Mud Path Rapeseed Wildflowers

We walked on dirt footpaths going through various crops and farmland:

Cotswolds Dirt Path Through Crop

Cotswolds Dirt Trail Crops
There were definite tracks cutting right through some crops:

Cotswolds Path Through Crops
And grass trails lined with big trees:

Cotswolds Grass Path Big Trees

Cotswolds Grass Path Big Trees Husband
Sometimes grass tracks would go through pastures of sheep, or horses, or cows and bulls:

Cotswolds Grass Path Sheep

Cotswolds Bull in Field
And other times, straight grass paths traveled in between farms heading towards some trees:

Cotswolds Grass Path Through Farm Towards Trees
Grass paths were occasionally lined with wildflowers:

Cotswolds Grass Path Wildflowers

Cotswolds Wildflower Grass Path
We walked on gravel roads in between farms:

Cotswolds Gravel Road Near Farm
And on a dirt footpath through a crop not yet in bloom:

Cotwolds Dirt Path Through Unblooming Crop
Sometimes the roads were paved, and lined with wildflowers and trees:

Cotswolds Road

Cotswolds Road Lined With Trees

Cotswolds Side Road

And roads led through towns:

Cotswolds Road Through Painswick
Rocky trails zigzagged up from a valley and over the rolling hills:

Cotswolds Rocky Trail
Trails snaked through a forest:

Cotswolds Trail Through Forest
And trails went through trees without their leaves:

Cotswolds Trail Through Trees
And once in a while a footpath would meander through some crops heading towards some shrubs, not knowing what would be on the other side:

Cotswolds Path Through Crops to Shrubs

We’re on a road to nowhere… – Talking Heads

Sweet Travels!

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