Santorini, Greece: Destination by Sunset (Part Four)

I finally made it to the end of the town of Oia on the island of Santorini, where if I wanted to walk much further, I would have needed to learn how to walk on water, as I was overlooking the vast blue seas to the east.

scenes on my way to Oia

From the end of Oia, I was able to turn around and look back to see where I had been during my daylong journey through one of my favorite places that I have ever traveled to. I was able to see my starting point, the town of Fira, and the curvature of the island that I followed to reach my destination by sunset.

During my glances back, I felt like I was looking at the famous scenes of Santorini that I had just experienced in the wonderful, diverse artwork.

looking back from Oia

During the cooler evening air, I searched and found the best seat in the house, so that I could finally watch what my goal of getting to my destination by sunset was all about, and what Santorini is famous for – the sunset itself. I sat for over an hour watching the sky as it faded from the blue of the day, to the oranges and reds of the sunset, to the darker star-filled nighttime sky. The sunset was breathtakingly beautiful, and now I know why so many people flock to this area for this experience.

other Santorini scenes with churches

I focused on taking pictures of one specific cross on the top of a church overlooking the water, using up the last of the film that I had brought with me.


When the show was complete, I did not want to walk all the way back to Fira in the dark. I opted to take a bus back, and during the half-hour ride, I reflected on my day as I watched the places that I had walked through go by my window.

I thought about the blue domes and the pastel colors of the churches; I thought about the church bells and the steeples; I thought about walking on the rooftops; I thought about the whitewashed homes; I thought about the blue seas and the blue skies; I thought about the zigzagging of the cobblestone, the paths, the trails, and the roads; I thought about the layering effect of the hillside towns; I thought about the “summits”; I thought about the wildflowers and the views; I thought about the local Greek food; and I thought about the expertise and sheer talent of the artwork.

I was glad that I brought my hat, sunscreen, water bottle, snacks, and sunglasses with me on that day. I was especially thankful that I brought my camera and all that extra film! And I was truly delighted that I reached my destination by sunset…

Sweet Travels!

All photos taken by Debby.

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