Debby’s Departures

I’m taking off on new adventures. I’m traveling to new destinations. I’m going in new directions. But wait, I’m really not going that far. At least for my blogging, that is. I’ll still be blogging on Wanderlust and Lipstick. I’m just changing the name of my blogs from “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” to “Debby’s Departures.”

I’ve been blogging under the name “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” since October 2007. That’s three and a half years. Wow! I’m not sure how many blogs I’ve written. You would think I would have kept track, since the accountant in me likes numbers. But nonetheless, a big thank you to all my readers over the years, whether you have read one blog, all of them, or some number in between.

Through my stories and photos, I have taken you to places like The Galapagos Islands:

Blue Footed Boobie Galapagos


Vietnam Smiling Woman


Venice Italy

The Wonderland Trail:

Mirror Lake Mt. Rainier Wonderland Trail

Just to name a few. I will continue to blog about all of these places, plus future trips planned, such my upcoming travels to Bhutan.

I hope that you will continue to read my blogs and join me as I depart on new journeys!

Sweet Travels!

Welcome to Debby's Departures

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