Cioccolato, Chocolat, Schokolade of Europe

I’m a chocoholic. I’ll admit it. If I could eat chocolate with breakfast, lunch, and dinner, I would. I’ve loved chocolate for as long as I can remember.

chocolate-italy-250-x-239 chocolate-greece-250-x-136
Italian and Greek chocolates

These days, I actually prefer dark chocolate to milk chocolate. Tastes better to me, and apparently has some health benefits. Strangely, though, I’m not a fan of white chocolate.

chocolate-iceland-174-x-250 chocolate-new-zealand-115-x-250
Icelandic and New Zealand chocolates

I like certain combinations of chocolate…chocolate with banana, chocolate with raspberry. My ultimate favorite combo is chocolate with peanut butter!

chocolate-finland-250-x-245 chocolate-latvia-116-x-250
Finnish and Latvian chocolates

Not only do I indulge in chocolate regularly at home, but I also make it a point to try chocolate in every country that I am traveling in. Chocolate that is locally made!

chocolate-germany-143-x-250 chocolate-lithuania-250-x-249
German and Lithuanian chocolates

I have found great chocolate in every country. Of course, there is the infamous Belgian and Swiss chocolates that I have sampled.

chocolate-belgium-250-x-152 chocolate-switzerland-138-x-250
Belgian and Swiss chocolates

Gelato in Italy became an addiction! In Vienna, I ate a piece of the Sacher Torte in the café that it originated from.


Chocolate museums make for some fun and interesting facts about chocolate. Not to mention the free samples!


To prove that I have indulged, I usually keep the wrappers from the chocolates so that I can put them in my scrapbooks, which I share with you in this blog.

Ecuadorian and Russian chocolate (the Russian chocolate was given to me by one of my sisters who went – she knew I would like it!)

As I always say at the end of my blogs, and especially at the end of this one,

Sweet Travels!

All chocolates eaten by Debby

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  1. We must be sisters! Trying mixing a tablespoon of unsweetened cocoa in some non-fat greek yogurt with some frozen blueberries. My new obsession!

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