The Northern Loop Trail of Mt. Rainier: A Five-Day Backpacking Adventure

The Northern Loop Trail is a 35-mile, 8500-foot-accumulative-elevation-gain backpack journey through some of Mt. Rainier’s most remote wilderness. Last week, My Love and I took 5 days and 4 nights to hike through some exotic, breathtaking, and challenging scenery. Long days of hiking with elevation gains and losses that seemed to never end, were matched with weather that thankfully cooperated without a drop of rain. (Unless you count the 5 minutes of rain in the middle of one of the nights while we were asleep in our tent.) Previously, I have backpacked the 93-mile Wonderland Trail which encircles around Mt. Continue Reading →

Wonderland Trail: Weighing out the Options

I didn’t know that My Love would show up on the tenth night of our Wonderland Trail backpack trip. He didn’t know that he would show up on the tenth night of our Wonderland Trail backpack trip. Until the day before… Just two days earlier, Melissa and I had a re-supply day, where My Love Scott, and her love, met us at Mowich Lake to bring our extra food, our changes of clean clothes, and other supplies we had previously set aside for this day. On this day, and prior to this day, Scott wanted to hike on this 12 Continue Reading →

Wonderland Trail: A Family That Hikes Together Stays Together

You meet some very interesting people when backpacking on the Wonderland Trail (WT). Not a lot of people, as you would encounter on a day hike in a popular area of Mt. Rainier on a warm summer day. But some people, who are sharing a similar experience as yourself. When you cross paths with a fellow WT hiker, you usually stop and chat for a few moments and compare notes. What campground did you just come from? Where to next? How many days are you taking to complete the trail? Seen any bears? Mirror Lake Most people take 8 to Continue Reading →

Wonderland Trail: Camera, Chapstick, and a Bug Net

There are 10 essentials that one should carry while hiking or backpacking: sunglasses/sunscreen, and headlamp with extra batteries. map and compass. extra food/water and extra clothes. first aid kit and pocket knife. fire starter and waterproof matches. Then there are other necessities: water purification system and emergency shelter. repair kits and insect repellant. signaling devices and sleeping bags. Of course, there are your hiking boots and tent. And rain gear and even toilet paper. During my recent backpacking trip of “the other two-thirds” of the Wonderland Trail around Mt. Rainier, I had all of the above items…and then some… In Continue Reading →

Wonderland Trail: The Other Two-Thirds

Just about this time last year, my friend Melissa and I hiked one-third, about 30 miles, of the glorious Wonderland Trail around the beautiful Mt. Rainier. The rain we encountered (yes, in August) did not dampen our spirits one bit. The spectacular scenery, the people we met along the way, and the sense of accomplishment all added up to a simply awesome experience. In fact, Melissa and I enjoyed the trip so much, that even before we were done hiking last year, we started thinking about hiking the entire 93-mile circuit this year. The planning begun very shortly after we Continue Reading →