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Debbys Departures Tea

I say “Sweet Travels!” at the end of all my blogs because of learning the phrase “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” when I was in Turkey in 2004. That phrase taught me how to pronounce “thank you” in Turkish, teşekkür ederim. I really liked the phrase “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” when I first heard it – I thought it sounded sweet. Tea seems to be a universal drink. Many countries have their own version of tea, and have special rituals surrounding tea. Usually when one visits a home, tea is offered to drink. People get together over drinking tea. Tea is Continue Reading →

Welcome to Debby’s Departures

Hello and welcome to my new blogs. Thank you for joining me as I depart on new journeys! Since October 2007, I have been blogging under the name “Tea, Sugar, a Dream.” I have taken you to places like The Galapagos Islands: Vietnam: Europe: The Wonderland Trail: Just to name a few. I thank all of my readers over the years that have read one, some, or all of my previous blogs. You may continue to read those blogs at any time, as they are available on my new Debby’s Departures. As I continue sharing these adventures with you on Continue Reading →

Debby’s Departures

I’m taking off on new adventures. I’m traveling to new destinations. I’m going in new directions. But wait, I’m really not going that far. At least for my blogging, that is. I’ll still be blogging on Wanderlust and Lipstick. I’m just changing the name of my blogs from “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” to “Debby’s Departures.” I’ve been blogging under the name “Tea, Sugar, a Dream” since October 2007. That’s three and a half years. Wow! I’m not sure how many blogs I’ve written. You would think I would have kept track, since the accountant in me likes numbers. But nonetheless, Continue Reading →