Solo Travel in Europe: Spontaneity at its Finest

I think I am realizing that I am living my life “in the moment.” I’m not really thinking about later today or tomorrow or next week, let alone next month. In fact, the past few days of my trip, like today, I don’t even know where I will sleep tonight or what I will be doing tomorrow. But, I’m not worried. I’m not scared. I’m not concerned. I know something will come up and I will be taken care of. Trust. Faith. Luck. Worst case is I will have to sleep in the street tonight, and do nothing tomorrow, which Continue Reading →

Travel: A Lifetime Goal

One of the advantages of traveling is meeting interesting people from around the world. When I was in Poland, during my five-month solo European journey in 2004, I met a couple that was also on a journey of their own, and we ended up enjoying a genuine Polish meal together. During this meal, I learned a bit about them and their travels, and they learned a bit about me and my travels. One very wonderful thing that they told me about themselves was their lifetime goal: they wanted to travel to 100 countries on this planet Earth! What a great Continue Reading →

Solo Travel: Start with Something Enjoyable-A Walk to New Dungness Lighthouse

Start small. Start simple. Start short. Start local. Start with something enjoyable. That is what I did when I knew that I wanted to begin traveling solo. I wanted to test the waters before I really ventured out into the world. Here is the story of my first solo travel experience, and if one of you women reading this blog is not sure how to get started on the adventure of solo travel, maybe this will give you some guidance and inspiration. Start with something enjoyable: I like walking and hiking. I like the outdoors and nature. And I happen Continue Reading →