Beaches of the Oregon Coast

I love the mountains. I love to hike, and backpack, and see wildflowers in bloom. The possibility of an alpine lake, the views of snow-covered peaks, seeing birds and animals, and exploring the varied terrain of nature amongst the forests are reasons I love the mountains. I feel refreshed and rejuvenated after a day, even after a few hours, in the mountains. It brings my life back into balance. A few weeks ago I discovered that I have another love. A love for beaches. Because of where I live, I get to the mountains a lot, but I don’t get Continue Reading →

Lighthouses of the Oregon Coast

Lighthouses of the Oregon Coast are painted white. Against a background of green forest with lots of trees, this makes them most visible from the Pacific Ocean for the ships to see. Alternatively many lighthouses along the Atlantic Coast are painted stripes, like candy canes, because the background for these is usually the blue sky.   This is one of the facts I learned on a recent trip up and down the Oregon Coast, where my fiancé and I had the chance to visit (or see, as not all are open to the public) 10 lighthouses, plus 2 additional lighthouses Continue Reading →