The Little Blue Penguin of New Zealand (Penguins & Albatross-Part Three)

Now talk about cute! The Little Blue Penguin, standing only about 10 inches tall, to me, is the cutest of the cute penguins. I saw these tiny birds at the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony in New Zealand. They have black heads, white chests and indigo-blue tails, where their tails and their size give them their name. They are the smallest species of the world’s penguins. At the Oamaru Blue Penguin Colony, I sat in bleachers, as if I was watching a sports game or a concert. I was outdoors, in the dark, with artificial lights overhead. Once the sun had Continue Reading →

Yellow-Eyed Penguins in New Zealand (Penguins & Albatross-Part Two)

OK, I’ll admit now that I like birding. I consider myself a very, very amateur birder, as I don’t really have a good eye for spotting birds, or knowing exactly what birds I am looking at, or what all their names are. But with the help of more experienced birders, I have seen quite a few interesting sights. For example, while in the Everglades in Florida, I saw the only native flock of Flamingos in the mainland United States, one of the more rare species of birds that I have encountered. Very pink! Penguin Crossing Sign at the Yellow-Eyed Penguin Continue Reading →

Royal Albatross in New Zealand (Penguins & Albatross-Part One)

Two species of birds. In many ways, quite opposite. The smaller flightless bird with an aquatic life, very capable swimmers – the penguin. The very large bird with an aerial life, very capable flyers – the albatross. Some species of penguins are less than a foot in height. Some species of albatross have wingspans of over 12 feet. Most of us have probably seen “March of The Penguins,” or “Happy Feet,” and we might even think of cold Antarctica when we think of penguins. And some of us may have even heard of the legend that albatross are believed to Continue Reading →