Excerpts from Europe: “A Limerick in Limerick, Ireland”

Which came first – the town of Limerick in Ireland, or the five-line poem? According to history it seems that the town was established about 1,000 years before the origin of the naming of the poem was. And it seems that the origin of the naming of the poem is related to the mentioning of the town of Limerick in a song. But nonetheless, when one visits Limerick, does one actually expect that they write a limerick while they’re there? I would suppose not, but that is what happened to me. No kidding. During my travels to Limerick, I actually Continue Reading →

Doolin, Ireland: Till the Cows Come Home

Cows are quite the unhurried animal. Kind of like the tortoise, as opposed to the hare. They take their own sweet long time making their way home. Thus the notorious phrase. Did you know that the saying quite possibly originates from farmers because they are actually familiar with the time that cows really do come home to their barns? Apparently cows come home especially early in the morning because they want to be milked. And because of this early morning timeframe, many people use the phrase to imply how late they might stay up at night in bars or nightclubs…or Continue Reading →