My Butterfly and Sunflower Rhinestone Brooch Bouquet

Butterfly Sunflower Brooch Bouquet

I asked my husband if he would marry me again just so I could hold this butterfly and sunflower rhinestone brooch bouquet that I recently made. You might be thinking to yourself, why would I make a bouquet like this if I’ve already had a wedding? Well, the artistic crafty side of me had a whim one day and just wanted to make this. I think what really got me started on this project was seeing a beautiful butterfly rhinestone brooch in a thrift store. And somehow, around the same time, I happened upon a video tutorial on how to Continue Reading →

My Three Button Bouquets

“Purple and pink and red.” That is what my 4 year-old niece replied when I asked her what her three favorite colors were. “Why?” she asked. “Because I’m going to make you a surprise,” I replied. That conversation occurred during one of my visits with my niece, and by the time I saw her on my next visit, I made her a button bouquet using her three favorite colors. One day, I got the whim to try to make a few button bouquets because I had so much fun making “My International Brooch Bouquet” for our wedding that I wanted Continue Reading →

Brooch Bouquets for My Sisters and My Niece

In addition to the international brooch bouquet that I made for myself for our wedding, I also made three more. Two for my sisters (my bridesmaids), and one for my niece (my flower girl). I am almost a bit more proud of making these three bouquets than of mine, because I was very thoughtful and loving in the choosing the brooches to include in them.   My niece’s favorite color is purple. At 3-1/2 years old at the time of our wedding, I wanted her bouquet to be something she will love, so I started with a few purple brooches Continue Reading →

My International Brooch Bouquet

Last year for our wedding, I. Made. This. Brooch. Bouquet! It has an international flair. It has contributions from family and friends. It has my favorite flower, the sunflower. It has pieces representing important parts of our lives. It has symbols of love.   I came up with the concept of creating my own brooch bouquet when I was originally searching online on how to make my own flower bouquet. I came across a website that listed alternatives to the traditional flower bouquet, so my curiosity took me there. Especially because I was not doing everything traditional in our wedding Continue Reading →