Bhutan: Somewhere Over the Rainbow

I miss Bhutan. I think about the country nearly everyday. Sure I’ve been writing blogs since my return from my travels there (October 2011), which obviously makes me think about the country. But I think about Bhutan more than just for writing my blogs. I think about it on a deeper level. And I miss the country.

Bhutan Rainbow

What I miss most are the people. Everyone I met was extremely gracious, friendly, and genuine. I feel like I have made some life-long friends. I spent the most time with my guides, three of them, all fantastic leaders, answering my questions and taking me everywhere. Along with the guides, I had three very careful drivers, and equally as great as my guides. I appreciated meeting staff at all the hotels and restaurants, people in the stores, and even just meeting people randomly, whether walking around, in villages, or in temples and monasteries. I have even made some more friends on Facebook since my return.

Bhutan Rainbow

The children of Bhutan bring wonderful memories to me. Many of them were so enthusiastic when it came to photographing them, giving big smiles, and wanting another picture taken after seeing themselves in my camera. One child in particular, the daughter of one of my guides, was my gracious host the day I witnessed the dancing and singing rehearsal in preparation for the wedding of the King and Queen of Bhutan.

Speaking of the King and Queen of Bhutan, having the privilege of meeting them was truly an honor. A once-in-a-lifetime memory.

Bhutan Rainbow

I also miss the Buddhist religion. Deeply rooted in the hearts of the Bhutanese, I could feel their religion permeate their lives. Their devotion, deep beliefs, honor, and respect of their religion makes this country quite special.

Even the visual displays of the religion are wonderful to see throughout the country, and I miss the reminders. Whether it be the temples and monasteries. The prayer flags and prayer wheels. The chortens, arts and crafts, or festivals. A deep sense of belonging is what I felt as I traveled throughout the country.

Bhutan Rainbow

The scenery is also something I miss. The snow covered mountains of the Himalayas. The village of Laya. The fields of various vegetables and grains growing. The red of the chilies hanging everywhere to dry. The blue skies. The fresh air.

I want to go back to this country. I want to delve further into the religion, learn more about the people, the land, and the country.

Bhutan Rainbow

I’m not sure what it was, but throughout my travels there, I saw several rainbows. Sure, I see rainbows at home. But there was something deeper about seeing them in Bhutan. The first one I saw was on my first day in the country. It was like some sort of symbol emerged from the sky for me. I didn’t know exactly what it meant then and still really don’t now. What I do know is that as I write this blog from my desk at home and gaze out the window, somewhere on the other side of this great planet, somewhere over the rainbow, is a country that I miss.

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  1. What a lovely reflection and summary of the great time you had there! For sure once-in-a-lifetime memories. Who knows, maybe you’ll end up back there someday 🙂

    thanks for sharing,

  2. Heartfelt write up! You make me miss my country even when I am still here. Beautiful Picture. I am sure Bhutan misses you too. Hope it will not be long before you make it again. Cheers!

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